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A lot of this may seem disjointed as I'm going on pseudophed and lack of sleep, but anyway...

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From Mo Ryan of The Chicago Tribune:

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CafePress has Frak Earth t-shirts!
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Awesome - n, A new BSG episode that kicks ass, even when some spoilers (but not the big one) were already known.

And in the immortal words of Futurama's Hermes Conrad, "That just raises further questions!!"

*cackles* ;-)
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Yesterday: Nada. Sat on my ass and cleared hours of stuff off the DVR. Dirty Jobs (in one of the episodes I watched Mike spent the entire show at Fair Oaks Farms dairy a little over an hour north of here - they seem to run a very green and fairly humane operation), Mythbusters, Toughest Race on Earth: Iditarod, etc. I'd gotten up early and dropped Toni off at the Amtrak station at 8:00am for her trip to Chicago, and decided I needed a brain break. This coming week is a math test on Thursday, another math homework to start figuring out (on my own since I've gotten used to not learning from lectures or the text), a funding proposal to think about for my PhD, and I need to rework some code to do some calculations for my research.

Today: Vacuumed (probably should have dusted, too, but oh well). Put the shelves in all the bookcases in the library. Unpacked more of my office and got the remaining boxes at least opened so I know what's in them and sorted them (files, office supplies, magazines, and photos are all that are left in boxes in there). Hung calendars in our bedroom and the library after finding them in one of said boxes. Cleared out space at the top of the stairs by loading the game bookcase with the game boxes that we've uncovered so far. There must be other game boxes, most likely in the library, because there's still some space on that bookcase. Also replaced the battery in our weather radio and hooked it up in the library, and put my "Official Storm Spotter" bumper sticker on the Civic.

I can has no energy left. I may head out to AJ's Burgers and Beef for dinner, if I can manage that much energy, because I finished the leftover pizza for lunch. I also need enough energy to pick up Toni at the Amtrak station at 10:00pm.
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Percy: "Oh, Edmund, can it be true, that I hold here in my mortal hand a nugget of purest green?"
Blackadder: "Indeed you do, Percy, except, of course, it's not really a nugget, it's more of a splat."
Percy: "Well, yes, a splat today... but tomorrow - who knows, or dares to dream?"


Aug. 10th, 2008 08:31 am
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The Angels have the Hugo Award.

(Steven Moffat wins another, this time for his Series 3 Doctor Who episode Blink, for Best Dramatic Presentation, Short Form. It's a nearly perfect episode, IMHO, but I figured he'd have a tougher time this time, up against Paul Cornell's Doctor Who ep. Human Nature/Family of Blood, Battlestar Galactica Razor, and Torchwood Captain Jack Harkness. But what do I know?)
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Spoilers for DW Ep. 4.12 and BSG Ep. 3.20


ION, I was accompanied by la cucaracha in the bathroom this morning. Some things have gotten better about this trip. Some things haven't.

And I still miss Toni.
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When you see this, post a quote from Doctor Who in your LJ.

Sarah Jane: "What if there's something horrible waiting for us?"
The (4th) Doctor: "Well don't tell Harry that, he's gone first."

-- Genesis of the Daleks
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Just caught up on S4 of Doctor Who, through Steven Moffat's 2-parter, "Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead".

Whoa. Awesome.

All I have to say is, when Moffat takes over as show-runner, we're going to be in for some really creepy Doctor Who.

BSG Wank

Jun. 14th, 2008 08:57 pm
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Note to Self: Stop reading the massive amounts of wank on the SciFi BSG forum about "Revelations".

More BSG Mid-Season Cliffhanger Rambling - Spoilers Herein )
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No sleep till Brooklyn - from What's Alan Watching

Recap - from Pop Critics


May. 20th, 2008 01:21 pm
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Doctor Who guru Davies steps down

I'm not squeeing so much for RTD's departure, as I've liked him pretty well as show runner, although maybe he has passed his prime as far as Doctor Who is concerned. I'm just such a Steven Moffat fan, though. His Doctor Who episodes are my all-time favorites, and I still can laugh at Coupling reruns I've seen dozens of times. (Considering overall fan reaction and the awards his episodes have won, could the Beeb have even seriously considered anyone else?)
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ZOMG. "Guess What's Coming to Dinner" was awesome. And for a show that's been marketed all season with the tag line of All will be revealed, why do I hear a quote from Hermes in the Futurama episode "The Deep South" after every BSG episode this season? That just raises further questions! :-)


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