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Met with my adviser today. Last week, she had given me the task of going back to my research and finding "just a couple of specifics" to punch up the conclusion of our AMS paper with better examples. This after I had rewritten the entire draft from a different perspective when we had decided the previous week that we needed to take the paper in a new direction, a draft which she loved.

This morning, she liked my new examples. I need to do a few small calculations and tweak the figures in Photoshop and such, and wait for her revisions (which she always classifies as "minor" to my papers despite visibly large amounts of red text), but we're down to the wire and may just make our latest self-imposed submission deadline of Labor Day.

We were about to wrap up the meeting when she said, "And I've been thinking,..."

I cut her off with "Uh-oh."

"No. I think you'll like this thinking," she responded, and, turning her monitor toward me, showed me the title page of the paper on which she had switched the order of our names.

Big fat hairy deal? I know a few of my classmates and other people in other fields and other schools have gotten first-authorship on their first papers from Master's degrees. My advisor, despite being a few years younger than me, is pretty old-fashioned when it comes to a lot of science politics and the student caste system (undergrad, M.S. student, Ph.D. student, post-doc), though, and is pretty stingy about granting first-authorship for a paper based on M.S. work. With my M.S., I was going along with it, too, because I was led much of the way since I was still learning cloud physics.

She said that with the new direction of the paper (selling the visualization application since the cloud physics results aren't particularly earth-shattering and submitting it to the Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology rather than the Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology as was our original plan), I know a lot more about the bulk of it than she does, and it's the right thing to do.

To some it might not be a big deal to get first authorship on a first scientific paper, so pardon me while I crow a bit. :-) Of course, it also means I'm corresponding author, and will be the first one to deal with the AMS and the reviewers during the submission/review/publication process.
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My main character has told me who she is and what she at least wants to be doing (heck, she didn't even tell me her name until a couple of hours ago). Below the cut is a draft of the intro scene that I had come up with in bed a couple of weeks ago, and it doesn't answer all the questions about her that I have figured out (more to come). I do still have a lot of open questions about where this is going, but getting this down is a start. Writing dialog actually bothers me more than either character development or plot.

I'd love any comments anyone has. *pleads* :-)

Intro Scene )
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One night in the last couple of weeks, during the heads-down pressure filled days of writing and revising my thesis, when I had just gone to bed, my brain decided to be weird and start writing a story. I didn't get up and write it down, but I liked what I came up with and filed it away until after I got through the end of the semester. I think I'll use this journal to work through it, posting snippets and such.


May. 1st, 2009 09:53 am
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I'm over there now, too. If I haven't already found you there, look for me. Same username there as here (yes, I know it's a PITA to spell correctly).
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Turned in the form that schedules my thesis defense to the grad school today. It's a pretty tight schedule, and I'll probably be (more) insane by the end of it (and I want to go through all this again for my Ph.D. in about three years? ;-)).

- Monday, April 13: Give reading copies of my thesis to my committee members.

- Tuesday, April 21, 10:30am-12:30pm: M.S. Thesis Defense. A 45-minute presentation open to the public, with time for questions, followed by up to an hour private oral exam.

- Wednesday, April 29: Need to have any revisions suggested at my defense completed. Electronically submit thesis to ProQuest before 2:30pm.

- Thursday, April 30, 2:30pm: Thesis deposit appointment, Purdue Grad School Thesis Office. Need to have nice, bound copies ready to give to the grad school by this time.

I think I can make this. I didn't get any writing done today, thanks to tracking down three faculty members to get a free time for my defense. And I technically still don't have a room. It will be one of two - one downstairs in my building, the other all the way across campus in the management school. Obviously, I'm hoping for the former. I need to write a fairly brief conclusion chapter, rework one of my chapters into an appendix, and write an intro (and make any revisions suggested by my advisor). Tomorrow I'm going into the lab to get some figures made before I meet with my advisor, and from Thursday through Sunday will be writing and revising.
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Before I head off to bed...

- Got the rest of my so-far-drafted thesis chapters back from my advisor, still with little markup. One of them needs to be chopped up and the bulk turned into an appendix, but that's not a huge undertaken. She said "They're written so beautifully." *preens* :-)

- I went into today's meeting with the intent of pushing my advisor about delaying my defense until sometime in May, since I only have a little over a week before I really should get reading copies of my thesis to my committee members, but she doesn't want to do that. She convinced me I'm not as far away as I thought, and tomorrow I need to reserve a room and schedule my M.S. defense. We're thinking of 10:30am, Thursday, April 23.

- Went with Toni to see STOMP tonight. Third time we've seen it, and it was just as cool as ever.

- Still coughing from the stupid bronchitis of last week. The antibiotics worked, but my body produces/produced so much crud it will take months to clear out. I just hope it's calmed down some by the time I'm rehearsing my defense presentation.

- Not going to Boulder over the summer like I was hoping. Was hoping my advisor would send me to the two-week WRF tutorial meeting at NCAR in July, but I won't be ready to run the model for my Ph.D. project in the fall semester, anyway, and I'll be turning my M.S. thesis into a journal article for submission. They have them twice a year, though, so she'll probably send me to the one in January. Too bad I don't know how to ski. :-) Maybe I'll see if my friend T wants to go snowshoeing again.

- The above means we may actually make it out to Massachusetts again sometime over the summer for a week or so. Desperately want to see our friends out there again.

Hold me?

Mar. 31st, 2009 01:13 pm
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Why does this frighten me a little?

My advisor, who, even though she's been very complimentary toward my writing ability, still usually sends things back to me bleeding with markup. She's just that way, and she's emphasized that she's helping me transition to a scientific style. I've not taken any of it personally, and have come to expect loads of feedback and columns full of markup in MS Word when I get docs back.

I've sent first drafts of three chapters for my M.S. thesis, and bits of some others, to her over the last few months. Today I finally got one back.

It has virtually no markup.

My reaction does include satisfaction and accomplishment, but why is there also fear present?
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I don't think I could have ever foreseen that in my M.S. thesis for cloud physics, I just wrote the term multiple penetrations.

*giggle* Context definitely is everything.

55 pages.

Oct. 26th, 2008 08:41 pm
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Just need to clear up some references and replace a few figures tomorrow and my advisor can have it. First 2 chapters of my MS thesis.

Brain fried now.

Ego Boo

Apr. 25th, 2008 08:49 am
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A boost right about when I needed it, from my advisor this morning.

Yesterday afternoon she asked to see my draft of my conference paper so far. All I had done was about four pages, with placeholders for eleven figures, describing the new tool/program I'm using. I'd gotten nothing in the results section, and even what I had done in the whole paper was just a first-pass brain dump.

This morning we talked for a few minutes about what I should focus on for "results", given that my paper is more about the tool than any specific theory.

But before that she said the following:

"You're writing is just... I have to thank you. After all the editing I've been doing from student papers lately, just... thank you. I'm still bleeding on it with edits, but more for scientific specifics than writing corrections. I'm just so relieved."

W00t! I'd say I'll be insufferably pleased with myself for a while, but I don't have the time. Today and Sunday I need to get something to talk about as results. And I know I have to evolve/shift my writing style to more hard science presentation than I've been used to doing, and that's coming with practice, but it's just nice to hear what she said, especially when I've been so frustrated over this frackking program lately.
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Re-watching the Torchwood episode "Greeks Bearing Gifts", when Owen is having difficulty determining what happened to the skeleton they recovered, I thought he should call Bones. And then I thought of how bizarre might be a Torchwood - Bones crossover. :-)

Anyone want to run with that?


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