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I don't think I could have ever foreseen that in my M.S. thesis for cloud physics, I just wrote the term multiple penetrations.

*giggle* Context definitely is everything.


Nov. 21st, 2008 08:11 am
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Marten's reasoning is similar to mine.

My brain is a weird enough place. I've long been curious about and somewhat fascinated by LSD, but I'm afraid of it, mainly because I know what I can conjure up in my brain without help. :-)
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Toni and I are watching Casablanca on DVD.

It just got to the scene where Sam's playing As Time Goes By for Ilsa, and Rick comes out to stop him.

Toni started making an LOLcat based on Ilsa's reaction shot: "O Hai..."

I tried to finish it: "...I'm in Ur Cafe', Bogartin'... Oh, wait." (I meant to conclude with "...Bogartin' Ur Piano Player.")

We then both proceeded to ROTFLOAO. Classic. :-)
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Spoilers for DW Ep. 4.12 and BSG Ep. 3.20


ION, I was accompanied by la cucaracha in the bathroom this morning. Some things have gotten better about this trip. Some things haven't.

And I still miss Toni.

Yes, this.

Jul. 5th, 2008 08:32 am
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Loud Cellphone Users

ION, I was highly amused while checking in for tomorrow morning's flights at Delta's web site, when I clicked on a link to go to a TSA page to verify the liquids in carry-ons regulations, and IE returned this:

This website does not have a valid security certificate.
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OK, this is the best tidbit related to this morning's New Madrid-related earthquake yet: Given that the other half of my department at Purdue is geology, and we have student-run seminars every Friday afternoon anyway, today's announcement cracked me up:

Today at 12:30 Name Deleted will present a talk, titled: "Liquefaction susceptibility for the region of Evansville, IN" in room 2201. There will be cookies...

"There will be cookies..." It's a normal part of the seminars and announcements, but it just cracked me up today.
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In the instructions for cloud physics homework involving running a cloud model on our Linux network, from my advisor/CP prof:

"...set the ... time back to 600 seconds, or the model goes boom." (Emphasis mine.)

And it's in there more than once. :-)
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On the way home from school, in rather nasty conditions on I-65, I was listening to the big local news-talk station. Their drive-time weather is handled by Brian Wilkes, one of the local TV meteorologists who is actually pretty good.

The radio anchor said he had an e-mail from a listener wanting to know, "How much snow are we really going to get? Hmm? Wink-wink nudge-nudge."

Brian's answer: "All of it."

Typos R Us

Feb. 20th, 2008 01:42 pm
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Advisor stuck her head in my office a few minutes ago.

"I think you have a good candidate for a Nature paper here. A cloud updraft speed of 7 million meters per second! Wow!"


"The document you sent me over the weekend? Right on the first page in your summary table."

"Uh, I think I mistyped a comma instead of a decimal."

Then my office mate and another lab mate and I started commenting on what sort of gravity wave would be produced with an updraft that close (2%) of the speed of light, as well as other silly, geeky effects. ;-)
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Some commercial: "I shall now read the last will and testament-"

*presses skip button*

Brian from Family Guy: "Screw Off!"
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This just popped into my head at the downstairs vending machine this morning. I don't know why. It's just how my brain works. :-)

First they came for the Tobacco, and I did not speak out -
because I don't smoke it or chew it and I find it disgusting

Then they came for the Transfats, and I did not speak out -
because I need to eat better anyway

Then they came for the High Fructose Corn Syrup, and I did not speak out -
because I wanted to get away from it

Then they came for the Caffeine, and I did not speak out, because I could no longer stay awake
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The narrator and one scientist begin talking about the experience of entering a black hole. The scientist talks about how one's atoms would stretch out like noodles and be pulled apart.

Another scientist is shown, who also comments about the process of spaghettification.

Toni: "'Spaghettification'? That's a real term?"

Me: "It's the Pastafarians."



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