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Before I head off to bed...

- Got the rest of my so-far-drafted thesis chapters back from my advisor, still with little markup. One of them needs to be chopped up and the bulk turned into an appendix, but that's not a huge undertaken. She said "They're written so beautifully." *preens* :-)

- I went into today's meeting with the intent of pushing my advisor about delaying my defense until sometime in May, since I only have a little over a week before I really should get reading copies of my thesis to my committee members, but she doesn't want to do that. She convinced me I'm not as far away as I thought, and tomorrow I need to reserve a room and schedule my M.S. defense. We're thinking of 10:30am, Thursday, April 23.

- Went with Toni to see STOMP tonight. Third time we've seen it, and it was just as cool as ever.

- Still coughing from the stupid bronchitis of last week. The antibiotics worked, but my body produces/produced so much crud it will take months to clear out. I just hope it's calmed down some by the time I'm rehearsing my defense presentation.

- Not going to Boulder over the summer like I was hoping. Was hoping my advisor would send me to the two-week WRF tutorial meeting at NCAR in July, but I won't be ready to run the model for my Ph.D. project in the fall semester, anyway, and I'll be turning my M.S. thesis into a journal article for submission. They have them twice a year, though, so she'll probably send me to the one in January. Too bad I don't know how to ski. :-) Maybe I'll see if my friend T wants to go snowshoeing again.

- The above means we may actually make it out to Massachusetts again sometime over the summer for a week or so. Desperately want to see our friends out there again.
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Toni and I went down to Indy today to see it and do some other errands. Went to the matinee show. We've had the soundtrack CD for a few years now and were familiar with quite a few of the songs. The show was fantastic! It was cool to see the songs in context, and when we weren't singing along we were almost ROTFL at several points. It was also cool that the company were a lot of original cast members from the Broadway run, so the voices were familiar. All in all, a terrific and fun show, and seeing with Toni made it all the more special.
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Math exam was scheduled for 6:30-7:45 this evening. I didn't take it.


Before the semester started, I got tickets for Toni and I to see Robin Williams at the Elliott Hall of Music on campus tonight at 7:30. So, when I found out in my math class that our first exam was scheduled for this evening, I scheduled a make-up exam for this coming Monday at 8:00am.

I haven't laughed so hard in AGES. The only other stand-up concert footage I've seen is from an HBO special from around 30 years ago, when he was obviously wasted. Being clean and 57 years old, IMHO he hasn't lost a beat.

"You gotta love any school named after a shot and a beer!"

"People who live on fault lines should know those are God's Etch-a-Sketch."

So many good lines I can't recall them. And I laughed so hard I was coughing and my throat is sore.


May. 9th, 2008 08:07 am
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Chicago and Stomp are both coming to Elliott Hall of Music for Purdue's 2008-2009 Convocation Season! I've seen them both before, but so what? :-) I'm also a bit curious about the Nrityagram Dance Ensemble show.
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Toni and I saw Dirty Rotten Scoundrels tonight at Clowes Hall. The movie has long been one of my absolute favorites. The stage show, while not being the movie, was fantastic. The things they added turning it into a musical worked very well, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.*

*Except for the lady bathed in perfume a few seats down. Sheesh.
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Toni and I went to see Spamalot at the Murat Theatre tonight. It was fabulous. I abso-bloody-lutely loved it. The company were fabulous, including the "Laker Girls". :-)

Contemplation about a Slightly Spoilery Bit Near the End )


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