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I've been looking over a bunch of the photo work I did from when I was trying to do it professionally. I've been thinking about digging out versions of some of the works that don't have my old business copyright stamped on them and posting them to my current personal gallery. I've found some of them, but I still need to look through several more discs to find the scans of some of the older film galleries (Mono Lake, Cayonlands, etc., so I don't have to dig out the slides and rescan them). I've also noticed a serious decline in the quality of my photography, IMHO, since I shut down the business. I know for a little while I was burned out, but I think it's mainly a lack of desire to take as much time with each shot since I've been busy being back in school. I know what to do behind the lens, but on most of my trips lately, I've been more in sightseeing mode than concerned with trying to make great art. While looking over older shots today, at first I thought maybe I was less satisfied with the digital camera than with my film work, but since I got the digital right before we shut down the business, I don't have much overlap to compare, and I do think it's more me than the camera.


Since Toni and I went to see Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince recently, it reminded me I still haven't read the last book in the series, and I'm not sure it's going to happen before at least the first film (if not both) comes out. I know pretty much what happens (I'm not hung up about spoilers), but still do want to read it. I haven't read A Feast for Crows yet, either, the latest in George R. R. Martin's series. On vacation in May, I started reading Katherine Neville's The Fire, the sequel to The Eight, one of my favorite books of all time, but only got about half finished before vacation was over. Haven't picked it up again since. On that same trip, I actually managed to listen to the audio version of Neil Gaiman's The Graveyard Book, with Toni, on our way out to Massachusetts. If Toni hadn't gotten the audiobook, I probably still wouldn't have read it. We have audiobooks for Harry Potter and for the Martin book, and I think that may be the only way I'm going to get through those before I'm done with school. I think they may be a good thing for me to listen to while I'm riding, at least indoors (I'm fairly certain using an iPod isn't legal for bicyclists here, and the concept seems too dangerous to me, anyway).


I'm so bloody out of shape it isn't funny. I don't really care what the scale says (we don't even own one), but I haven't been comfortable with my own fitness and lack of flexibility for my current size for a while. Sitting in the car for close to three hours a day total when I was still commuting up here from Fishers really aggravated what was already becoming a sedentary lifestyle. My latest trip to Boulder, seeing so many cyclists in a bike-friendly community got me missing it. Since I've been home from there, I've started riding the stationary recumbent bike for a few minutes three days a week. I've only been doing three to three and a half miles in fifteen minutes, but it's a start. I want to work up to getting out on my road bike at least once before the season is over. I need some new cycling shoes and cleats for my clipless pedals, because I want to try them again and see if they can help me with my stroke, but I think I may wait until the start of next spring's outdoor riding. I haven't really used them since soon after I got the bike because I was having problems getting unclipped and was falling over when stopped. Of course, I've missed the past two workout days because I thought I was coming down with what Toni has (cold that turned into nasty bronchitis within two days) - my entire lymphatic system was swollen and I was aching all over for more than two days. Feeling almost back to normal today, so I'm hoping to get back on the bike on Tuesday, my next scheduled day. Missing long rides, I've set a personal goal to be able to ride another century ride either by the end of next summer or the following (starting where I am, I'm pacing myself very cautiously right now). I looked at the one I did in 2002 in Death Valley for the JDRF, and the fundraising minimum has gotten ridiculous - $4700 compared to the $3000 I had to raise only seven years ago. There are plenty of other century rides around the country that are the kind that just require a reasonable entry fee, including one right here in Lafayette.
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Photos from my trip to Colorado last week are posted here.
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Finally got mostly caught up on posting photos to the Gallery:

I hope to get last week's trip to Boulder posted sometime tomorrow.
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I thought I'd share a bit about Toni's and my recent trip to Minnesota, including photos.

Sunday we drove up to Stillwater, MN, taking the long way through Wisconsin so we could hit Mars Cheese Castle and the Jelly Belly factory gift shop just a little over the border from Illinois. The former was okay, but I think I've been in better cheese shops. At the latter we were hoping to replace my very old Jelly Belly t-shirt, but alas, nothing was in stock that was appealing. We did get some cheese at Mars and some jelly beans at Jelly Belly, though, along with lots of stuff from nearby Pepperidge Farm and Tupperware outlet shops.

We stayed right in Stillwater at the Water Street Inn, since one of the reasons we made the trip was to see Paul & Lorraine (I'd link them, but their domain seems to be offline - they're a quasi-Celtic duo. Lorraine plays fiddle, Paul plays acoustic guitar, and they both sing) play for 9 hours on St. Patrick's Day in Charlie's Pub downstairs and in the Inn ballroom.

Monday, we drove over to south Minneapolis and hit Uncle Hugo's Science Fiction Bookstore. I'd been there back in the early '90s when visiting a friend who lived and worked in Rochester, MN at the time, and it was pretty much how I remembered: disorganized, dusty, but what an awesome selection. We spent too much money, of course. Afterward, we hit a Borders so I could get an updated map/atlas of the area (my previous ones dated from the last time I was there), and had lunch at Big Bowl, a great Singapore Thai/Chinese fusion place that makes their own awesome ginger ale. And I had salmon pad thai. Then we headed back to Stillwater, hit Valley Bookseller in town, and I took some photos around the (frozen but cracking thanks to 60-degree temps) river's edge. For dinner we went to Freight House, which was yummy.

Tuesday we headed back over to south Minneapolis, this time to hit DreamHaven Books, Neil Gaiman's favorite local bookstore. They didn't open until Noon, so we took our time, also looking for a sign we saw Monday along the way. A tool renter's shop was advertising (that they) "Dump Bodies". I'm tempted to submit that to Fail Blog. :-) Next, we stopped at Uncle Hugo's again and got more stuff there (of course). Then we went to DreamHaven. They had a different variety than Uncle Hugo's, were a lot cleaner, and seemed to venture more into the comics market. They had the obligatory Gaiman shrine rack in the middle of the store, where I picked up a few things we didn't have, and it was difficult not to get signed copies. After shopping trip number two, we went back to the Inn in Stillwater where Toni napped for a little while, and then we headed downstairs to the concert at Charlie's Pub. Paul & Lorraine played there from 3:00pm until 5:30pm, then relocated to the Inn ballroom where they continued from 6:00pm to Midnight.

The concert was a lot of fun. We met several folks Toni had been getting to know online through Lorraine's blog ("Fiends"). She and Paul are great musicians and know how to entertain a crowd. And IMHO, Lorraine could give Eileen Ivers a run for her money on the fiddle. Toni and I stayed until Midnight CDT, which was way past my usual bedtime. :-) Drove home brain dead yesterday, around Chicago at rush hour (blech), getting back about 7:30pm.

Photos are here.

Traditional logic (and likely my advisor) says I shouldn't have gone since I'm working on my M.S. thesis for hopeful defense in late April, but Toni convinced me, and I'm very glad. I needed a break, and I don't think I'm all that behind in my school work because of it, and Toni and I hadn't been anywhere together on a longer trip since I think before I went back to school.
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Low-Temperature Scanning Electron Microscopy of Snow Crystals

I particularly like the rime and graupel images, the magnification series, and the crystal classification illustrations.
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Both albums are highlights, but I think I pulled the best ones:

- Shots from Cancun and the ICCP Conference

- At the Mouth of the Well of the Wizards of Water (Chichen Itza)
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Ansel Adams in Yosemite at the Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art in Indianapolis
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I noticed these while coming home with Toni around lunchtime, so I grabbed the 20D and snapped some shots from our driveway:

Gravity Waves

(Several of you have already seen the very cool shots of these kinds of waves in clouds over Iowa. Here's a basic explanation of what they are.)
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Toni arranged for landscapers to re-do the beds in front of the house. Yesterday they came and did so. They did excellent work, IMHO.
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Check out my recent Boulder trip galleries.
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...Lookin' out my front door:

- Out the Door
- Top of the Driveway
- Looking down the Hill
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For [livejournal.com profile] krasota (and [livejournal.com profile] kightp could also count this as another "Weather" pic), from the front porch looking southeast (I'll try again next time I go up to Purdue): Indiana Sky
Indiana Sky )

For [livejournal.com profile] purplerifka, my end of our living room couch: My Favorite Piece of Furniture
My Favorite Piece of Furniture )

Keep 'em comin', either here or on the original post.

Photo Meme

Aug. 8th, 2006 10:24 am
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What the heck, I might as well try this one. From [livejournal.com profile] kightp et al: Ask me to take a picture of any aspect of my life that you're interested in/curious about. Anything, really (although I reserve the right to be whimsical with my response) (I think for me that crossed-out statement is a given). Leave your choice here as a comment, and I will reciprocate by taking the pictures and posting them as an LJ entry.

It may take me a while to get around to some of them (for example, I'm not going back up to campus until at least next Monday), but I'll get there. :-)

Wall Cloud

Apr. 17th, 2006 03:44 pm
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Central Indiana Storm Reports & Nice Photo of a Wall Cloud in Tipton County from Yesterday

Tipton County is the next one to the north of us here (we're in SE Hamilton County, so it's about 30 miles N/NW). Here, we got lucky and the line slowed and weakened, giving us a lot of rain (we're currently under a Flood Statement) and lightning. We went to bed around 11pm EDT, and the weather radio never sounded its alarm again through the rest of the night.
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I didn't take a camera downtown with me this morning, but as I skirted the northern edge of downtown on I-65 North almost to IUPUI, I could see the damage on the western end of the north face of the Regions Bank Tower. About 10 floors of windows out in a straight column right along the edge. Then, once I was on campus, in the Habitrail elevated walkway from the parking garage to the science building, I could see the damage on the southern end of the west face and the western end of the south face. A higher section of floors were damaged and missing windows, all the way through the corner (I could see daylight through the west face coming in the south face - nice new wide-open view for anyone w/ a corner office on those floors ;-)). That area also had obvious skin pulled out.

The Indianapolis Star posted a couple of slide shows and some video of a sprinkler going off in one of the higher offices, just spraying right out of the former window over the street (the galleries and video come up as pop-up windows).

I'm not a qualified storm damage assessment meteorologist, and I wasn't very close when I was looking at the tower, but it didn't look like straight line wind damage to me. I heard on the radio coming home that the Indy NWS office's chief meteorologist wanted to get up in the air with the National Guard and survey all the damage around the city, but the cloud deck and winds are still way too dangerous. However, I did see once I got home from my allergy shot a while later that they've not confirmed an actual tornado downtown as yet: ...Wind damage was very widespread...but at this time it appears that it was caused by straight line winds. However, wind speeds at some locations were certainly as high as those from a small tornado.
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(9 images varying from 95 to 213 KB each.)

From the lunch w/ [livejournal.com profile] soaring_phoenix, [livejournal.com profile] agua_clara, [livejournal.com profile] batesmotel34, and Aliza:

Kelly & Toni )

Toni, Kelly, & Me )

From my excursion around Danvers with B and J, looking for Witch Trial Sites:

Salem Witch Hysteria Memorial - Danvers, MA - This was very moving in person. )

Shackle Detail on the Above )

Rebecca Nurse Homestead )

Holten House )

Putnam Burial Ground )

A Tale of Two Kitties (M and B's Cats):

Cassie Relaxing on Mommie's Lap )

Sadie, Startled )
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If you weren't too impressed with the print quality of last year's (or the year before's, for that matter) DKA Productions calendar, I received mine today and can confirm Caf├ęPress did a much better job with the printing than my previous subcontractors. The Rising & Setting calendar looks schweet. Go get one for yourself, or get the Grand Canyon one. Get 'em for friends and family. You know you want to.
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I wasn't.

We're not supposed to get even an inch here today, so it's no big deal compared to other parts of the country, but for a while this morning it was coming down pretty heavily. And the small amount is actually making things pretty slick.

From the Front Porch )

Moments after I came back inside, an appliance delivery truck tried backing up the common drive to deliver something to our neighbors to the right (higher than us on the hill). They stopped in front of our house, giving up before sliding into the yard, and took the thing on a dolly the rest of the way.

Glad I drive a Subaru in situations like this. :-)
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[livejournal.com profile] photochallenge is an easy place for someone to make an unethical claim of ownership of a photo.


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