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Usually, for a student newspaper at a university without a journalism school/department, The Exponent is pretty good. I wonder if the editors really knew what they were putting in today's banner headline:

Tea-Related Protest Story )
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Terry Pratchett gets a knighthood

I think this impresses me more about Liz than about Sir Terry deserving it (which, IMHO, he does). :-)

Someday I'll have time again to read more Discworld and other Pratchett stuff. Someday...
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From CNN.com: What got cut from the stimulus bill


Partially cut:

  • $3.5 billion for energy-efficient federal buildings (original bill $7 billion)
  • $100 million from National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (original bill $427 million)
  • $300 million from federal fleet of hybrid vehicles (original bill $600 million)

Fully eliminated:

  • $100 million for National Institute of Standards and Technology
  • $50 million for NASA
  • $50 million for aeronautics
  • $50 million for exploration
  • $200 million for National Science Foundation
  • $100 million for science
  • $165 million for Forest Service capital improvement
  • $90 million for State and Private Wildlife Fire Management
  • $2 billion for Health Information Technology Grants
  • $16 billion for school construction
  • $3.5 billion for higher education construction
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There was supposed to be an earth-shattering kaboom!

Large Hadron Collider test a success

[Edit: From [livejournal.com profile] ihasatardis - End of the World?]
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We're now "In a world" without Don LaFontaine.

:-( His voiceovers were often, IMHO, cheesy, but he definitely had the attention-grabbing voice to do them.
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Banning Fast Food in Poor Neighborhoods

The fuck? The Nanny State in action.
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On the way up to campus this morning, I caught the end of a report about a new electric car from (I think) Honda, that runs on hydrogen. It was a syndicated report and I didn't catch who made it or I'd e-mail them.

Putting aside the fact that hydrogen is an expensive gas to obtain because most of it is high up in our atmosphere or extracted via electrolysis of water (which takes electricity from somewhere)... The reporter closed the story by stating:

...and instead of emitting greenhouse gases, this engine's exhaust is water vapor. (Emphasis mine.)

Uh... hello? Water vapor is the most abundant greenhouse gas in our atmosphere, responsible for anywhere from 30 to 70% of earth's greenhouse effect. It's also the one greenhouse gas whose atmospheric amount we have the most difficulty measuring, thanks to high variability due to the dynamic water cycle.
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Trees block solar panels, and a feud ends in U.S. court

I've been to Sunnyvale and neighboring cities more times than I can count, and have seen plenty of both in the area. Personally, I think the tree-owners should have been able to leave their redwoods alone, since they were there well before the neighbor installed the solar panels. This is another example of excessive litigiousness (and self-righteousness) that royally pisses me off. It's also not surprising to start to see conflicting environmental interests that are both on the side of conservation. What do you think?

[Poll #1190866]
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Video of Inefficient burger-making machine from Rube Goldberg contest at Purdue

Nationals are April 5, at the Purdue Armory (more info at the link).


Mar. 23rd, 2008 07:32 am
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(Missed this earlier in the week.)

Ivan Dixon dies at 76

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CDC: Toxic Katrina trailers made in Indiana

Apparently three RV/trailer manufacturers in northern Indiana made trailers used by FEMA for Hurricane Katrina victims in and around New Orleans and the Gulf coast. Those trailers have been found to emit toxic levels of formaldehyde.

One of the manufacturers, Gulf Stream, is located in the town of Nappanee, which was struck by a tornado last October, damaging the Gulf Stream plant and much inventory:

Tornado wreaks havoc on Nappanee
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Brit actress saved by outraged Emma

Awesome. (Link yoinked from [livejournal.com profile] phinnia.)
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This year's task was to make a hamburger in the least efficient way.

Purdue Society of Professional Engineers wins Rube for fourth year in a row
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Fly naked on nudist holiday flight

The important safety tip in the subject of this post was pointed out to me, wisely, by Toni. :-)
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On second thought, I'm not sorry:

Mankind 'shortening the universe's life'

Oh, noes!
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'Tornado Alley' inclusion may stave off storm complacency

I know from statistics my mesoscale prof put together a few years ago that Indiana gets more squall-line origin tornadoes than any other state, with total numbers as high as the Great Plains states that commonly included in 'Tornado Alley' get from supercell storms. Who cares what we call it? Florida gets a high number of twisters as well, should they be included? On a map, we'd end up with a 'Tornado Quilt'. :-)


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