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...but the library is now completely unpacked! All the books are out of the 200+ boxes, anyway (and now we've got several trips to drop off all that cardboard at the recycling center ahead of us). Stuff is still a bit haphazard, but we can now sort through it for culling, cataloging, and arranging. And hey, probably at least 90% of the unpacking effort has been in the last month, so that's not too bad. :-)

Only found three items of which I didn't know I had duplicates: Lonely Planet: India, a little souvenir space shuttle walk-around book, and a paperback historical atlas of Ancient Greece. Also determined we seem to have three hardbound copies of Coraline, but they each have a different cover. I was relieved to find I hadn't gotten rid of my TPB of Watchmen, even though I never finished reading it before starting school, since I am interested in seeing the upcoming film.
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Yesterday: Nada. Sat on my ass and cleared hours of stuff off the DVR. Dirty Jobs (in one of the episodes I watched Mike spent the entire show at Fair Oaks Farms dairy a little over an hour north of here - they seem to run a very green and fairly humane operation), Mythbusters, Toughest Race on Earth: Iditarod, etc. I'd gotten up early and dropped Toni off at the Amtrak station at 8:00am for her trip to Chicago, and decided I needed a brain break. This coming week is a math test on Thursday, another math homework to start figuring out (on my own since I've gotten used to not learning from lectures or the text), a funding proposal to think about for my PhD, and I need to rework some code to do some calculations for my research.

Today: Vacuumed (probably should have dusted, too, but oh well). Put the shelves in all the bookcases in the library. Unpacked more of my office and got the remaining boxes at least opened so I know what's in them and sorted them (files, office supplies, magazines, and photos are all that are left in boxes in there). Hung calendars in our bedroom and the library after finding them in one of said boxes. Cleared out space at the top of the stairs by loading the game bookcase with the game boxes that we've uncovered so far. There must be other game boxes, most likely in the library, because there's still some space on that bookcase. Also replaced the battery in our weather radio and hooked it up in the library, and put my "Official Storm Spotter" bumper sticker on the Civic.

I can has no energy left. I may head out to AJ's Burgers and Beef for dinner, if I can manage that much energy, because I finished the leftover pizza for lunch. I also need enough energy to pick up Toni at the Amtrak station at 10:00pm.


Aug. 26th, 2008 03:57 pm
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Had my first class yesterday afternoon. Partial Differential Equations. Prof is from Bulgaria. I didn't seem to have any problems understanding him through his accent, and he seems pretty laid-back. Homework every couple of weeks, but nothing yet. The only potentially bad thing is that exams are not during class (MWF 2:30-3:20pm), but in the evenings. I see his point that 50 minutes is not long enough for some of these kinds of problems. I just hope he looks for class input for availability (they don't for lower-level undergrad class evening exams, but this class is taken by most math Ph.D. students as it's one used to prepare them for their qualifying exam), as Toni and I have Robin Williams tickets for October 2nd. My new office mate is in the class with me, and she admitted that Slavic accents put her to sleep. Add to that the fact that it's in the MATH building, a 15-minute brisk walk across campus, after lunch, in a room with no windows, and she's asked me to sit behind her so I can nudge her awake periodically. :-)

Still slow-going getting the new place in order. I still have several things to hang, but many of them require Toni's help, and she's resting a bruised ankle. Did get my desk together on Sunday, but I still need to set up the server and start unpacking the boxes in that room. Today has been blown off due to bad brain fog, even post-caffeination. I want the server so I can set up our little label printer to label my class notebooks, and so I can get the photos I took of the new place at move-in off my camera. Several people still want to see the library full of 200+ boxes of books.

I have been slowly getting my bicycle accouterments ready. I let my Camelbak reservoir sit overnight full of water with a cap full of bleach. Dumped that, scrubbed and rinsed it out this afternoon, and it's now sitting full with a couple tablespoons of baking soda for another night to get rid of any bleach taste. Washed my water bottles also. Got a battery for my road bike's computer, but I can't find the computer for the hybrid. May have to replace it, this time with a wireless one so I don't have to get someone at the LBS to install it (cabled computers, IMHO, are a pain to install). Performance is having a web sale I may take advantage of. I'd also get a jersey and padded shorts that fit if I knew what size to get. In my experience, bike clothes are inconsistent with regard to sizes. So, I may just finish this riding season wearing regular athletic shorts and t-shirts. As long as my butt doesn't die from the saddle. I have found my gel saddle pad, though, which will help some.

Well Hung

Aug. 15th, 2008 03:25 pm
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Been a hangin' fool today. So far I've put up:

- Bike Rack
- Broom Rack
- Stepladder Hook
- Laundry Caddy (for ironing board and iron)
- Towel Rack (2nd one for master bath)

Still to hang:

- Curved Shower Curtain Rod - Need Toni's help.
- Shelves for Front Closet - Ditto, at least w/ clearing stuff out of the way.
- Coat Hook Shelf for Entryway - Need to find the screws and anchors.
- Bulletin Boards (my office, kitchen) - Need to pick a place.
- Kitchen Clock - Need to find/unpack it.
- Lots of Framed and other Miscellaneous Art - Need to find places for each.
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Came back to work/school today. First time making the drive from the new place.

Slept an hour later, got here at the same time I did when coming from 75 miles away, even diverting for breakfast and caffeine.

IIRC, it's the first time I've lived and worked somewhere that the combination resulted in a commute in the direction of the sun. I think I'll manage. :-)

Still have a metric frak-ton of unpacking and arranging to do at the new place, and cleaning and picking up a few things at the old, but we'll get there.

Note to self: Look up the Purdue home football schedule and put it on the calendar, so we know when to avoid going near campus. [Edit: 2008-2009 Purdue Football Schedule]
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Want move to be over now.

Very tired.

So thankful for Toni's parents coming up yesterday and packing almost all the rest of our books and media, and for my friend M, his wife D (and their 2-year-old M) for helping us load up 3 vehicles and bringing them up to the new place today.

Toni and I made one trip in our two cars this morning. Before we got back we learned we had a house showing at 4pm today. They got to see the house with boxes everywhere and in general disarray when we went up for the second trip.

Tomorrow we need to finalize packing, make sure the stuff the movers are taking on Monday is ready for them, and make another trip to the new place with stuff we don't want the movers to take. Toni and I are both running on almost empty, holding each other up somewhat, along with the help we've gotten from in-laws and friends.
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If your appointment for the showing of our house is at 6:30pm, looking in our side and back windows at us at 6:10pm is rude.


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Toni arranged for landscapers to re-do the beds in front of the house. Yesterday they came and did so. They did excellent work, IMHO.
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Pulled the fine crop of thistles, dandelions, and other weeds that had been fruitful in the small bed next to the garage since the petunias didn't come back after the winter (I didn't expect them to). After just about a year of having been cut down, rooted out as much as possible, covered with newspaper, mulch, and having petunias flourish on top of them all last summer, what else did I find growing rather well in that bed?

The frickin' privets that we (thought we) got rid of last year!

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It's funny to be watching Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, and get to the scene on the train with the Dementor just as a couple of proselytizing Christians come to the door trying to sell me a couple of books.

Did they not see the neighborhood No Soliciting sign? I didn't think to ask before closing the door.


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