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...it sure felt like it was never going to end.

All the fun of sitting still, being quiet, writing down numbers, paying attention. Yes, science has it all.
-- Seymour Skinner

My advisor said today we should convince my committee to allow something under the new policies and get them to waive my MS comprehensive exam. She said I've done so well in my classes and am making independent forward progress in my research, and especially since I'm staying at Purdue for a PhD, I don't need one more test in rapid succession. I would have that comprehensive written exam, my oral thesis defense, and then fairly soon afterward next school year, my PhD qualifying exam. This way, I'd just have the thesis writing and oral defense for my MS before starting PhD work. She also said her grant proposals for ICE (the next project she wants to jump onto) may not be through the system by next fall, so I might need a semester of TA-ing to get funded. 'sokay, it would be good for me to do that if I end up at a university anyway. (She also said, and this speaks volumes, when commenting I could TA her atmospheric thermodynamics class, "It would be nice to have a good TA again." Her current one is my new labmate who has teaching experience.)

Got a few more hints for the as-yet-undone problems on my first math homework. Still not 100% confident I know how to finish them, but I also have a couple of reference books I need to unpack that ought to help.

This weekend, need/want to:

- Unpack above-mentioned reference and other books for my home office.
- Try to finish the above-mentioned math homework.
- Hit le Target for sundry necessities.
- Do laundry.
- Go on a bike ride.

ION, some peoples' heads are so far up their asses, they'll show up on endoscopy.
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Didn't go into work/school this morning, as I had an allergist follow-up down in Indy early this afternoon.

Went there, got my Rxs for Allegra and Singulair, since I ran out last week and we've switched insurance/Rx plans since they were last filled.

Checked the house in Fishers to make sure everything there was still okay.

Drove back to West Lafayette. Picked up some bike route and restaurant info for the area from the visitor's center.

Went to Home Despot and got a new pantry door rack and some toggle bolts for the coat closet shelf (it fell on me yesterday and pulled the plastic anchors right out of the cheap drywall - I need to keep reminding myself this is a rental).

Went to CVS, filled my Rxs, got some generic lactaid for me to try and some ice cream for Toni (and me).

Went back out for dinner with Toni after she got off work, to one of the best Chinese restaurants I've been to in a long time - a little hole in the wall in a bit of a run down area of Lafayette, but some of the best General Tso's I've ever had. My eyes were watering.

Just watched an episode of Dead Like Me in HD, and have started watching Johnny Dangerously also in HD, but must go to bed soon. Need to work tomorrow. May meet my new office mate from Puerto Rico. She should be in town already. There's also a "welcome back" picnic for the department tomorrow afternoon at a local park, but I may bail on that. Still much to do around the home, and too many boxes still staring at me.
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(Of course, thankfully, my advisor is nothing like Jerry Hathaway. :-))

It's getting to be that time. I have to get the viz app going on the new PC this week. I started getting the machine ready this morning. The 30" monitor is sweet. Advisor wants it up and running so I have a couple of weeks to play around before the semester starts. The International Conference on Clouds and Precipitation is in Cancun next July, and I have to have an abstract submitted by December 1.

All that, combined with Toni's decent leads on telecommuting jobs hopefully letting us get the house ready to sell to move closer to Purdue mean it's going to be a busy rest of the summer and autumn.

Tomorrow we're taking the old lawnmower to my folks (and I was going to borrow a power washer to clean the outside of the house - it really needs it - but dad's uses a 220V welding plug, so never mind) and dropping off some stuff at the Julian Center and maybe Goodwill.


Dec. 23rd, 2005 04:54 pm
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I was amazed. Sitting at a red light while running errands this morning, I was behind a minivan with a Flying Spaghetti Monster fish emblem on the back. In our town, yet.
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For fsck's sake. What part of "I'll pick it up tomorrow if it doesn't get delivered today" don't they understand?

Toni checked the UPS tracking website on her package again, since it still wasn't here, and it had been updated at ~12:45pm (why wasn't that visible before now) that it would be picked up by the customer at the local facility.

I will go pick it up tomorrow. And give them a piece of my mind. And I am NEVER using UPS again to ship my own packages if I can help it.
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Once upon a time, way back on December 2, Toni had a package (#1) start on its merry way from somewhere in California. Three days later, I had a package of my own (#2) start a similar journey from somewhere in the same state. Both of the packages were sent by a large, established carrier that operates a huge fleet of brown trucks. #2 was mistakenly addressed to our PO Box, where they can't deliver, as, when I placed the order, I didn't find any indication the shipper used UPS, nor did the shipper's site give any warning when I tried to submit the order (the PO Box is the correct billing address).

Last week (I think it was Wednesday), Toni noticed package #1 was listed on the tracking web site with an exception (Out of Service Area). Interesting, especially considering we've been living here for over 10 years and have gotten quite a number of deliveries from UPS. Our ZIP Code changed back in July, so I called customer service presuming that was the issue. Problem was, after they corrected it, the next day was our 8 inch snowstorm that began during the evening rush. Add the holiday volume onto that, and you get a driver who is out fairly late and has to abandon the rest of the day's deliveries thanks to the snow. The package is rescheduled for Friday, we presume based on the tracking web site update.

No sign of it on Friday, but the streets were still being cleared from the snow. Monday? Nope. Last night, package #1 was Missed at the Distribution Facility (translation: left behind by the driver and/or or his truck loaders).

Now consider package #2. It's been winging its way to the area with an incorrect destination address. I didn't call UPS earlier about it, because, when they've had packages addressed to our PO Box before, they've called us and gotten the correct street address. I decided, checking its tracking number, to call them this morning and give them the address. Trying to be proactive, you see.

So much for that effort. When I called this morning, the tracking site still showed Attempting to Obtain Correct Address, but the agent in customer service could not take our home address because they had already found an address and the system doesn't allow corrections for the level of service used by the shipper. Fine, if the address they found hadn't been my former employer's address (where I haven't worked in over two years but did a lot of business-related shipping). I could contact a former coworker there, but there's a problem with that, too: the company who acquired my former employer is closing down the office as of next week, and no one is there I know anymore. The UPS customer service agent offered the alternative that I could go to the local UPS facility to pick up the package tomorrow, and would receive a confirmation phone call from the local facility within the next hour to confirm that.

Over an hour passes. Toni comes home and takes me to lunch. I call back over 2 1/2 hours after my first call and get another customer service agent. I ask her for an update on both package #1 and #2. She says #2 should be on the truck and will go back to the local facility at the end of the day. She says I should be able to pick it up tomorrow from there, but can't confirm for certain, sends another notification to the local facility and promises another callback from them, in another hour. As for package #1, she can't confirm anything other than it should be on the truck for delivery today. I request that, if it isn't delivered today, that it be left at the local facility and I'll pick up both packages tomorrow. She send that info to the local site. I wait again for a callback.

2 1/2 hours pass again. I decide to call back and ask for a manager immediately. The supervisor who takes my call contacts the local facility while I'm on the line, gives them our correct home address, and confirms that package #2 should be delivered here tomorrow. I don't ask about package #1, as I know she won't be able to tell me anything new.

It's now almost 6pm. Package #1 is still not here. We'll see if it shows up today and if #2 shows up tomorrow. Regardless, I know what shipping company I am not inclined to use again at present.


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