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If you weren't too impressed with the print quality of last year's (or the year before's, for that matter) DKA Productions calendar, I received mine today and can confirm Caf├ęPress did a much better job with the printing than my previous subcontractors. The Rising & Setting calendar looks schweet. Go get one for yourself, or get the Grand Canyon one. Get 'em for friends and family. You know you want to.
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On the DKA Productions CafePress store, at the suggestion of [livejournal.com profile] anmorata, I've added Ipswich Old South Cemetery (Infra-Red) and Headstone Roses as blank card sets.
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Dr. Steve Lyons, The Weather Channel's Tropical Weather Expert, speaks out on civil responsibility for "hurricane-proofing". An intriguing viewpoint.

ION, I got several more products (mostly prints, but also a few greeting cards) up on the CafePress store today, if anyone is looking.
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For those of you who didn't get a chance to get last year's Grand Canyon North Rim calendar, I've made it available for 2006 as well, via the DKA Productions CafePress store. Just click on "Calendars" at the link!
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Completed a lot more work on the DKA Productions CafePress store today. The 2006 Calendar is up, and several more images are available as products. Spread the word, tell your friends! And if you can think of another one of my images you'd like as one of the products available via CafePress, let me know. :-) I will probably add several more over the next few days.
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"Rising & Setting", a collection of twelve sunrise and sunset photos from around the country, is now available at the DKA Productions CafePress store:

This year's calendar is of higher quality and we're offering it at a lower price than in years past. Get yours now and help support a soon-to-be-struggling college student. ;-)

And more stuff is coming...


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