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This month's Butt____k Magazine? ;-)
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Ansel Adams in Yosemite at the Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art in Indianapolis
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Fantastic exhibit at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. Went by myself as Toni wasn't feeling well, and today's the last day it's there. It did take me longer waiting in line (1.5 hours) than it took me to see the whole exhibit (about 1 hour), but it was still worth it (especially since the normal $12 exhibit admission was only $6 with my student ID). They had busts and statues of just about all the Julio-Claudians, even lesser figures like Agrippina the Elder and Postumus. There were items from that dynasty all the way up through the third century, from statues to friezes to jewelry, from mosaics to dishes. It was also obvious where the Louvre got many of the items - from Rome when Napoleon paid a visit. :-)
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The Children's Museum of Indianapolis is getting a permanent Chihuly work.

I'm glad it's permanent. Someday I may have time to go see it. :-)

Apparently, Indianapolis already has a permanent Chihuly, at IUPUI in the Indiana University Medical Center's VanNuys Medical Sciences Building: "DNA Tower". I never go all the way over the medical center part of campus (it's quite a haul from the Science Building), but I may have to find a few minutes to wander over there.


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