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Sitting here with a heating pad on my back and right side, half watching the HBO “Game of Thrones” marathon, I’ve been waffling over making a year-end summary post.  I haven’t actually posted to this blog since last year’s wrap-up, and most of you already know I’ve never been big on the change of calendar as anything other than an agreed-upon arbitrary convenience.

Despite the presumably statistically high number of shitty things that have happened over the last 12 months, there have been some good personal things.  Let’s start there, shall we?

With much help from Sarah and Linda, Toni and I managed to pack up the State College townhouse where we’d been renting and, after closing in late January, moved into the ranch condo in Bellefonte in mid-February.  It’s smaller, and everything we need for general daily life is all on one floor, yet it has a full basement for storage and if we eventually want to set up a game room, hot tub, or whatever.  And I still love both the view of Bald Eagle Ridge and Bellefonte proper out the back and the fact that I neither have to do yard work nor snow removal.  We’re still unpacking and arranging some things, and we still need to hang shelves and art and cull and arrange the office/library, but it’s comfortable.

I’m sure most of you also know that I changed jobs in late August.  Because of things that happened (documented on my LJ and Dreamwidth accounts in 2014) at my previous job that had pretty much poisoned the well, when a new opportunity opened up that didn’t require us to move, I made the decision to become a federal bureaucrat support scientist with a local lab of the USDA’s Agricultural Research Service.  Some things had improved at the old job, but I could tell early on at my new one that I made the right decision.  Despite feeling somewhat overwhelmed at times and a bit lost in bureaucracy, I also feel welcomed, appreciated, and have felt part of the team since day one.  Ironically, I’ve also managed to get some assistance via the same university organization I left behind (and I won the lottery there as far as research assistants go – I’ve met an intelligent, creative, motivated colleague who has also become a good friend).

Those were the two big positives from 2016.  Toni and I also went to Louisville around Independence Day to visit her family, as a member was being treated for cancer, and who is now cancer-free.  Health-wise, here, both of us have been plodding along.  Knocked flat earlier this month by a bad flu or something from which we’re still recovering a bit, me in particular from a badly pulled diaphragm that is making doing a lot of things, including just sitting, rather difficult and painful.

And with that, I seem to have run out of steam.  Maybe I should try to get back to making shorter, more timely posts again, so I don’t have to try to remember everything over the last several months.

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