Oct. 26th, 2013

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So, Toni and I came home today from a week at a cabin in the Catskills.  It was about 4 hours from here, barely over the NY state line from PA, near where those two states and New Jersey all come together.  It was the first time she and I have had a chance for a real vacation for just the two of us since before I went back to school in 2006.  And because I tended to burn her out and drive her crazy with always going places to see and/or do things, I felt I owed her a vacation where we did what she wanted – a place to get away from home and just hole up and be together and do as little as possible.  A new thing for me, I wanted to try that, too.  So, we found and picked a place – a little cabin/cottage converted from two barns.  We made sure it had an outdoor hot tub (and a very secluded one at that), and we used said hot tub almost every day.  It was very nice to get out of State College for a week, even though we still spent time on our laptops and didn’t completely disconnect from the world.  Did some reading, had some good food, and just *were* for a few days.

The place was very pretty and definitely captured the rustic look.  Here is the front, coming up the drive from the owner’s home:

Pics & More Here )



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