May. 6th, 2013

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Just some highlights of my first day of full-time employment in a long time.  In no particular order:

  • Arriving at 7:45am on my first day was unnecessary.  The Institute IT person doesn’t come in until 9:00am, and I needed him to set up access to my office computer.
  • Said office computer will be going away soon, as I’ve discovered I desperately need a license of ArcGIS, and it won’t run on a Mac (and I’m not going to futz with running Windows on a Mac, either).  So, a Windows machine is on order.
  • Met with my boss, the Institute’s Director, at 9:45am.  Went from having a blank to-do list to 3 pages of notes that included quite a lot of tasks in the span of a 30 minute meeting.
  • I have a window in my office that overlooks a pretty courtyard.  I also have a lot of detritus from old outreach equipment, including flight cases and projectors of various kinds, left behind by my predecessor.
  • Apparently I picked the best possible week to start – an “all hands” meeting Thursday and Friday will facilitate meeting a lot of Institute affiliated faculty, who I’m sure will have plenty to add to my to-do list.
  • A national “all hands” meeting of the network of similar data collection sites is planned for September in Delaware.
  • I will be working closely with a geoscience data group at Columbia University on a standardized national geoscience data network.  It may include a visit there.
  • My office phone still thinks I am my predecessor.
  • Despite the water in our new home being decent, the water on campus, both that from the kitchen sink next to my office and from the drinking fountain down the hall taste funny. I need a better way to have water to drink throughout the day.
  • Everyone in the Institute has been cordial, professional, and very helpful.  I see some potential frustrations down the road, but they’re all (so far) of a technical nature.
  • They need me here.  They really do.
  • My boss, on her way out to drive back to D.C. tonight, apologized for the information overload and told me, “Great first day.”

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